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40 North receives community beautification award

Posted January 3, 2021

From the Grand Island Independent by Brandon Summers

And the award goes to...

Grand Island’s 40 North Tap & Grille received a community beautification award Wednesday from the Regional Planning Commission.

More than eight individuals nominated 40 North, said Planning Director Chad Nabity. “It’s a nice anchor at that end of downtown that really is showing the revitalization across that entire Third Street corridor,” he said. “Based on the number of nominations and the work that they’ve done there, they were an easy choice.”

Jay Vavricek, 40 North ...

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40 North receives community beautification award

Speaker system spreads cheer Downtown

Posted December 29, 2020

40 North Tap and Grille owner Jay Vavricek brought the idea of a downtown speaker system to the Community Redevelopment Authority.  With CRA funds, speakers were placed atop 40 North on the west, center, and eastern edges.  As you can see, it did not go unnoticed:

Grand Island Independent - Railside Christmas music a reminder of beauty around us


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